Benefits and Events
Company Benefits
  • Government Mandated Benefits
  • Employees of Easycom Japan Philippines Inc., are entitled to receive the following government mandated contribution and benefits in accordance to the labor laws of the Philippines;

    SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-ibig, 13th Month Pay, Overtime pay and Premium Pay
  • Leave Credit (Upon Regularization and/or Evaluation)
  • Aside from the contributions and benefits mentioned above, another benefit for Easycom employees is the service incentive leave credits upon regularization and/or performance evaluation that employees may use during the calendar year. At the end of the year and the employee still has remaining unused leave credit, the employee will receive cash equivalent to the unused service incentive leaves.
  • Unlimited Coffee and Snacks
  • Enjoy free snacks and if you are a coffee addict, no problem, we've got you covered with the free unlimited coffee.
  • Lunch (Free Friday Lunch with the Team)
  • The employees get to enjoy free lunch of their choice, another perk that all employees of Easycom look forward to every Friday.
  • Employee Award
  • We express our appreciation to the employees by recognizing their achievements, efforts and good work which eventually leads to higher turnover as they become more determined and motivated towards the company.
  • Trip to Japan
  • Being an employee of Easycom, you might get a chance to travel to Japan at the company's expense. Doesn't matter if it is business-related, the most important thing is that you may be able to step into the Land of the Rising Sun!
Company Events
Christmas Party
We celebrate Christmas Party for the employees to have fun, reflect and be motivated for the coming year ahead. It is also an opportunity to create many happy memories, bond and relax. Special events is a great time to relieve employees from the deadlines, work pressure and anything of the like and just promote a positive atmosphere within the organization. As a result, employee-company relationship will strengthen and employees become more and more productive.
Team Building
Team Building improves projects that involve teamwork. With this, the team will know the strengths, weaknesses and interests of each other, establish camaraderie and build unity and increase trust between each employee.
Free Friday Lunch
We always have Free Friday Lunch for the team to bond and at the same time have fun after a productive week.
Client Treat Meals
This is the time where the Team and Clients bond and get acquainted. We give our all to meet the standards of the Client, at the same time we value the deadline that has been given to us.
Weekly Meeting
We discuss our project during our weekly meetings. The goals and status of assigned tasks; and to motivate the team members so they would realize their importance to the company.
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