6 Most preferred programming languages

It is not unusual for an IT personnel and company that provides IT services to know a lot of programming languages than just simply knowing 3 or 5. The more programming languages you know, the more professionally competitive you can be. And as the technology continues to move forward, IT professionals are inclined to upskill their knowledge to contend with the challenging world of the web and technological advancements.

Oh yeah, before we continue, let us define what a “Programming Language” is. According to Wikipedia, it is a formal language comprising a set of instructions that produce various kinds of output. Programming Languages are used in computer programming to implement algorithms. In simple words, it is what programmers use to create websites, computer programs, mobile applications, and etc.

You must be already aware (or maybe not!) that there are like hundred/s of programming languages that exist and if you know or are knowledgeable of at least half of them, a big round of applause to you! 

Okay! So moving along, let me just enumerate our top 6 preferred programming languages. BUT, this does not mean that in this list, is the only programming language our developers know? Oh NO, NO! Instead, these are the, let’s just say the basic skills we kind of check if we are looking for a new candidate to join our team. Moreover, our team of developers continue to study and  learn other languages, not only for the benefit of the company, but also for their professional development.  

Just like any other companies that provide services in IT solutions, we have a few favorite programming languages that we utilize for the projects that we handle. 

So here we go. Oh! We will not dig deep on each programming language yet, we will do that some other time instead.














Again, what we prefer does not necessarily mean that we do not use other languages. The decision ALWAYS comes from our clients specifications and requirements. So, to be able to provide the best service possible and exceed clients expectations, one must engage in a continuous journey of acquiring knowledge and skills to be competitive in this industry.

With a touch of simplicity (as that is kinda our company motto), we complete what was required by our clients from us, drafting our craft through different programming languages and softwares to develop or create the program, web applications and the like.

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