FINALLY! We renewed our official site!

Hello. I am Sugitani, the representative of Easycom.

We have been preparing to renew our website since last year, and now, we are ready to release our renewed official website!

You may visit us at:

The first thing we kept in mind in this update of the website was to make it user-friendly. The old website has many gimmicks and are not easy to use, so it was not possible to find information that users want to see immediately. As an IT company that strives to provide easy-to-handle systems, we wanted to make the information of our services easily accessible to our current partners and potential clients. Therefore, we simplified the design of the website and organized it so that you can quickly find the information you were looking for.

Another thing we wanted to share is the latest information of our activities. We have put sections of news and blogs as a new feature of the website. We would like to share and provide the audience with useful information coming from official announcements to small daily topics for everyone.

We have added the recruitment page, where candidates seeking employment can check the latest information of job openings, and candidates can apply directly from the same page.

I think the site is not perfect yet and still requires improvements, but it was finished with a certain level of quality. For future developments, we are planning to add more functions, such as to link with different social media platforms. And we are going to focus on disseminating information which can be easily understood by the readers.

We will update the site regularly. Explore the website to learn more about the products and services offered, read the latest news about the company, trends and latest insights of technology, online shopping, mobile and web developments, outsourcing and many more!

For this project, I am in charge of direction and design, while Joseph, one of our development staff, was in charge of implementing the CMS system, and Vanessa, administration staff, was in charge of the content. I want to say special thanks to them for the hard work and commitment, and to other staff members for the support and for working together to make this project possible.

One of the services we offer is to assist customers build their website from scratch. It takes about a month to make a site to this level. It also has a content management system where you can update the contents anytime you want.

If you are interested, please send us a message by submitting a form from the new homepage’s Contact Us.

Thank you.

Date: Feb. 01, 2021

Author: Yasuo, President CEO

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