Influx of Mobile Applications during pandemic

March 25, 2021

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, our activities outside have drastically changed, or should I say, have been restricted. There was even that time when if you are going out to buy essentials, you have to follow certain protocol or you can just go out at a specific time of day, and not everyone from the household can go out. Probably, up to now since Covid-19 is still existing and continuously spreading. You’ll be shocked when you see the streets as empty as hollow last year. You’d wonder where all those millions of people go that you see everyday.

According to several research and surveys, the number of hours spent by a person since pandemic and up to these days is higher compared to the data from 2019. You must have realized it by now that most of us indeed spent hours scrolling through our phones, installing and downloading applications to either entertain us or perhaps due to work related stuff.

So we thought that we would list some categories of mobile applications that either have increased in number or have become a necessity these days. Who knows, you might get ideas from these lists that you can also integrate and develop for your business too!






Although this ain’t the number one in the app stores, you would notice that these applications have increased in number and this is due to the efforts of the government and private sectors as a response to the current situation. Although different implementations per country but all have the same purpose. Some examples of these are contact tracing apps, symptom tracker apps, health condition reporting apps and etc.

Most of what we’ve seen are apps by restaurants and fast food chains. People are restricted to go out, right? Therefore, restaurants thought why not bring the restaurants to people’s homes since they can’t visit the physical store. This is the best solution for a restaurant not just to survive, but to continue giving their customers’ the satisfaction and fulfillment for their cravings!

Need essentials but having a hard time getting out of your house? This is the solution that Supermarkets have thought of. Although Amazon has already offered this type of service, where customers can shop online and Amazon will deliver it, although at limited locations only. They SEEMED to be the first (well, correct me if I’m wrong), due to the pandemic, big supermarkets have adopted and developed their own supermarket apps to cater to everybody’s needs.

Need to send a document to your office or to family members? Need food? Need grocery? Need to buy something from a certain store or location? Express delivery service apps are all over the place! Very convenient to the community especially during the strictest period of the pandemic.







In this category, there are already famous apps existing providing that entertainment towards the viewers, but it just so happens that a pandemic happened, therefore the number of people using this apps increased because, I mean people have more time to follow through that famous series, binge watch their favorite movies, or just lay there watching whatever is on the app.

What comes to your mind when you talk about this category? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and the app that indeed really became a trend, TIKTOK. It is now one of the most popular mobile applications garnering about 100+M downloads (this is the actual data from Google Play Store only) in a span of just 1 year. The application’s initial release was way back September of 2016, but really hit the top spot last year, during the pandemic. I mean, it is indeed entertaining and some are quite informative so lots of people are using it.

Yes, banks and financial institutions went to either create their own web and mobile applications or improve the services for those that have existing applications already. Why, you ask? Because, everything is cashless nowadays. Well, that’s an exaggeration but, almost in every store, you can either pay using credit or debit cards (very common), or go with automated payments thru QR Scanning or fund transfers, online payments etc. For most people, especially the younger generation, prefers cashless.

These apps already exist and are being used way before and of course, it became really useful and pretty much one of the mobile applications that trend in the marketplace. Because of work from home arrangements and online classes, online conferences, meetings, top ranking communications apps are competing when it comes to the number of users. We’ve even created a blog for the best online meeting platforms in the market today. Check that out from this link:

Considering the type of merchandise that customers purchase, let’s just separate this from the Grocery Shopping Apps. Shopping or marketplace apps is another category in mobile applications that not just increase in numbers, but the users also spiked. Unlike grocery shopping which is essential, online shopping is a form of addiction. So if one is already fond of shopping online before pandemic, urgh how much more during pandemic when you have lots of time in your hands! And it is true that physical stores have started to transition to online commerce as it kinda reaches a wider market range.

And here are other category of applications that went trending the past year:

PHOTO AND VIDEO EDITING APP (Yes! For vain and selfie addicts!!!)
GAMING APP (Mostly used by younger generations aside from playstations or consoles)
TOOLS AND UTILITIES (Best example and mostly used, barcode scanners)

So, if you’ve had that idea already lurking in your mind but can’t decide or think that you still need some more help, we’d be happy to help!

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