Role of Technology in Ecommerce

It has been over a year since the Covid-19 virus was first detected in China and soon after spread across the world. With the pandemic going-on, everyone has suffered. Employees losing their jobs, businesses closing, quality of life for almost everybody got affected and declined.

But after all the pain and struggles that the pandemic brought us, we still choose to push through life and take on this new challenge. People think of the best and fast ways to survive while doing their best to avoid being infected. And, one of the most noticeable solutions people have found, e-commerce business.

During the pandemic, there is a dramatic increase for ecommerce, because of course the number of consumers purchasing online spiked drastically as well! It doesn’t matter what or where the Seller chooses to sell his/her products, but the fact that they are using the world of the internet, that’s technology for ecommerce right there!

Okay, so let us be specific, how do we use technologies in an ecommerce business? There are many to mention actually, but we have listed some of the most common in the cycle of online shopping.

Inventory Management System
Inventory Management System is a systematic way/process that helps you track your goods from the moment of acquisition, to storing and up to the point of sale. You can easily control the inventory and you can be sure to maintain the right amount of supply for your business’ daily operations. Moreover, you will be notified when it’s already time for you to purchase additional supply ensuring that your stocks will not be depleted.

Reporting Tool
Apparently, an important part of ecommerce is knowing how your business is performing and this is one of the functions that e-commerce developers never forget! No matter the size of a business, the owner’s would always monitor their sales activities. But aside from that, there are other kinds of reports that can be created with these reporting tools, such as production cost, even inventory report can be generated here as well, sales performance for a day, a week, a month and even a year. There is also historical data for comparison of the present performance of your business. And it’s all automated, thanks to our developers and the technology we have!

Payment Service Facilities
This is very common now. Online payments, wire transfer, payment gateways, you name it! With the different payment systems available, business owners’ way of gaining profit is increasing because, why not? In this age of technology, more and more people are getting used to not carrying lots of cash anymore. Aside from safety reasons, it’s more convenient. But of course there is still the cash basis for those not comfortable with electronic payments.

Delivery Service
So, at the beginning of the pandemic, people were not allowed to go out, right? And all we can do is tour the four corners of our houses. Even today, there are still limitations of who are allowed to go out and who are not. Because of the situation, people have to think of ways to obtain the primary needs and daily necessities for their family’s survival. And because of these struggles, business minded people have found the strength of express delivery services; thus creation of different applications catering to the needs of the people at the most trying times. And I noticed that even now, many are still using these express delivery apps for food ordered from restaurants, groceries from supermarkets, apparels from department stores, and a lot more!

We all know that ever since technology was discovered and developed, it brought us many advantages to the ecommerce business, actually, in all kinds of businesses and maybe a few disadvantages. It helped the business organizations achieve if not the maximum, but a higher marginal return, have reached a wider range of consumers, improving communication and customer relationships, and boosting business’ competitiveness.

Starting an ecommerce business is easy and cost-effective. You just need to have the right planning and the right products for your ecommerce business with the right partner to create your online store. If you are looking for a partner to help create and operate your online store, chat with us and let’s get you started!

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