WEBSITE or MOBILE APP: Which do you need for your business?

It’s no wonder that businesses are turning to internet/digital marketing as one of the most commonly used strategies, because why not? When people are frequently on their own devices spending hours in playing, navigating and just browsing anything and everything under the sun!

For business to go with the technological trend, many companies have started their presence online by creating their company websites, social media pages and developing mobile applications as well. Having an online presence proves to be an effective way of reaching a wider market and audience, increased publicity and brand awareness, and higher profit margin.

Now that you knew the importance of having an online presence, you would want to know what is the right tool for you? Would you go with a well designed website or a mobile application?

Let’s take a look at the benefits and advantages of owning a well designed and responsive website.

  • Online Presence for 24/7
  • Builds company’s brand, credibility and professional reputation
  • Information Center for current and future customers
  • Great tool for generating new leads
  • Less expensive than Mobile Applications
  • Less time consumed in creating a website
  • Flexible layout that can respond to any screen size

Well, how about with Mobile Applications?

  • Easily accessible and quicker than websites
  • Offers better personalization
  • Ability to work offline
  • Widens audience, reaching out to different generations, especially the younger people
  • Better customer engagement
  • As they were created intended for mobile devices, the loading time is much faster
  • Powerful tool for brand awareness and marketing
  • Push notification features
  • Tools and some functionality of a mobile device can be integrated easily

Comparing the two, it is still not clear which could give more advantage than the other because both have their own pros and cons that you may need to consider. Moreover, they were created for the same purpose but diligently created for different specifications. But really, if you analyze it, why would you choose one when you can do both and gain more from maximizing both tools. You may need to cash out a little bit more but the return is even greater especially if you’ve got the right stuff on your website and mobile application.

At Easycom, we can help you with a customized, yet well-designed, responsive or adaptive website and mobile application. We provide solutions to your business needs according to your company’s circumstances.

So if you are thinking of getting your own website or mobile application, let us know what you want and we’d be happy to discuss with you!

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