What your website say about your business

First impression last, doesn’t it? Not always but for some, it does. See, when you decided to create your company’s website, you must have also considered how to catch your audience attention, right? This is a vital part of promoting your business, considering this is the basic purpose of creating the website in the first place.

Think about it, if your target audience didn’t have a good experience with your website, do you think they will continue to use it? Definitely not, they will find another site offering the similar service or product that you offer.

Let’s take a look at some of the most likely characteristics of a website that makes a deciding factor for an audience:


Looks matter. Ahuh, it’s true, the appearance of your website is the first thing that your audience sees, we are all guilty of this. We sometimes just took a second or two to look at the home page and decide whether to continue navigating or not. There are also those people that are very particular about security of a site, one might think if a site is legit or not depending on how it looks (judgemental, I know), especially if the site is providing service or product that would require you to enter your personal and requires payment.

Easy navigation. I would rather go with a simple website that would get me directly and easily to what I want to find. Something that many online customers thought, because the more complicated a website is, the less interested the audience becomes.

Solution? Make your website’s appearance simple and creative, yet professional and easy to navigate to give that great experience to your online customers. It might be fun, but don’t make a puzzle out of your website. Unless, your company’s products or services are puzzles of course, or something that stimulates the mind of a person, intelligent people might enjoy your website then!

So because you piqued the audience interest as they did not exit after seeing your homepage, your next worry is if the contents on your website is relevant or not to convert them to customers. The information of your website should not just be about the products or services you offer, but also a portion of your company’s information should be shared too. And don’t forget helpful information that is of course, essentially related to your products or services. Remember that you are making a presence and to strengthen your company’s branding.

The information on your website is like a make or break for potential customers, their impression about your company may be influenced by your website, so make sure your website leaves that lasting perception to your potential customers.


The best examples for this are ecommerce websites. Internet fraud has been an issue for like forever, which makes online consumers hesitant to purchase products or services over the internet, especially for websites that may not be new, but they have not encountered or heard of before. An unsecured website leads potential customers astray from transacting on your website, because online consumers won’t trust unsecured websites with their personal information, and most especially, their financial related details.

Spending a bit more for the security wouldn’t hurt if the return is even greater. Your audience will trust your website, and eventually engage business with your company. If your website is reliable and secure, expect for a lasting relationship with your customers.

It doesn’t just end there, but we decided to highlight the three above. Remember that a good website is a good branding for your business. It is part of your investment, so do it properly. Get your business a web developer company that turns your creative ideas into reality. Schedule a call with us today!

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