Message From CEO
In the era of the wide-spread of Internet, everyone in the world carries a smartphone.

As for the role of the system, in addition to the traditional “defense system”, the proportion of “offensive systems” is increasing. While the “aggressive system” is specifically a system for online services, online advertising, online sales, etc. These can be called “systems for creating new business”.

I think there are various important factors to consider to start a new business; But I think that the most important thing is speed.

Speeding up the service delivery saves time and money. We also mean that we can minimize business risk and maximize opportunity and I believe that it can lead to faster monetization. In the worst cases, even if you get a bad result, you get an opportunity for improvement, recover quickly and create strategies to overcome challenges you have encountered and will encounter along the way.

Deliver new services to users sooner; then, improve the services immediately, according to user feedback. We believe that this is a crucial part for creating a service that utilizes the Internet, and is truly useful in the world.

System Development is essential for businesses engaged in Information Technology. However, creating a system is just the starting point. And unfortunately, it does not immediately lead to creating a business.

The key to succeed in creating a business is to have effective communication from the beginning, to work together in achieving a common goal, to continuously be creative in innovating systems that are not complicated, quick and inexpensive. Lastly, make a detailed record of the challenges and improvements prior, during and after the operation phase, so that you have a reference to assess the performance of your business, and can evolve continuously.

We think that System Development is “too expensive” or “too time-consuming”, that these businesses are “working only by looking at the target of delivery without thinking of the after-delivery service”, and “only talk about technical stuff”. Despite that misconception, we will continue to create services that enrich the world through our work and developments, provide excellent service and be able to create more business and maintain relationships with the customers and partners.

Yasuo Sugitani
President / CEO

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