By Executive Office, Makati City 

Easycom’s President, Mr. Yasuo Sugitani, along with the Corporate Secretary and the Development Team attended the MOA Signing Ceremony held last Mar 8, 2021 at Urdaneta City University, College of Information and Technology Education in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan.

 Atty. Dar Diga, the current Acting University President joined by the Deans and Administrators of the university, warmly received and welcomed Easycom’s President and employees despite the current health crisis and even grandiosely prepared for the team’s arrival.  

   (Upon arrival at the University gates)


The Team assumed that the visit would only be a “courtesy visit”, but everyone got a big surprise by the unexpected gesture of the university’s administration in preparing for the said event, starting from the school gates up to the ceremony venue.




        (MOA Signing)

It has been 2 years since the collaboration with the University, after the office’s branch opening in Pangasinan, and even though the company’s branch has recently closed, Easycom would like to maintain this partnership with the university and will continue to accept graduating students in completing their On-the-Job Training requirements through the company’s Internship Program in a work-from-home arrangement just like the currently employees of the company.

(Mr. Yasuo Sugitani’s expression of gratitude)


Through the Internship Program, the company aims to provide a quality training that will prepare the Students to successfully transition from being a Student to a competitive candidate for employment.

Moreover, through this signing ceremony, the company seeks to strengthen the relationship with the university and be able to reach a common goal, fostering and nurturing the Student’s technical and soft skills to equip them for the real corporate world.

Following the health protocols in place, the ceremony was concluded with the heartfelt expression of Easycom Team’s gratitude for the time and effort that the school spent to make the event happen and to ensure the success of the ceremony. 

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