Easycom Visits Urdaneta City University and Strengthens Internship Partnership

By Executive Office, Makati City 

The President of Easycom Japan Philippines Inc., has, once again had a chance to visit Urdaneta University following the necessary requirements and protocols in order to pass through the border last November 29, 2021.

Mr. Danilo Dorado, the school’s OJT coordinator, welcomes the Team as they arrive at the school past 2 in the afternoon. The ceremony was held in a university cafeteria, and witnessing everyone’s huge smiles as Easycom’s Team entered the venue made the Team feel honored and grateful. It’s been eight months since the team went for the formal MOA signing, and despite the fact that we are still in the midst of the pandemic, administrators and representatives made an effort to attend the gathering.


Urdaneta City University prepared a brief program led by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mr. Noel L. Guevarra, Phd; the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Ms. Elisa Cristobal, Phd; the Dean of the College of Information and Technology Education, Mr. Johans B. Rabago, LPT; and the college’s IT Instructor, Mr. Dionnel Caguin. Unfortunately, the acting University President, Atty. Dar A. Diga was not present at the ceremony, but Easycom Japan Philippines Inc. appreciated the warm greeting each time they visited the university, as well as the other teachers and personnel from the College who were present at the venue and participated in the event.

The entire program focused on how to maintain and develop the strength of collaboration of Easycom Japan Philippines and Urdaneta University for IT students until they enter the reality of life in their working engagements in the business and how they can express themselves in terms of technology. Urdaneta University also provided a plan for its OJT students for the upcoming second semester of 2021. They have also started the preparation for the face-to-face classes in the coming months, one year after the pandemic. The university  is proud that their LGU is among the lowest Covid 19 cases in Region 1 and that the majority of their teachers and students have been fully vaccinated. Easycom believes that herd immunity was achieved despite the pandemic due to their management system, teamwork, and efforts.

The Easycom President has also spoken about the future of AI technology and cyber security, which would improve the productivity of operations for businesses and employees in the IT sector by automating jobs that previously required human intellect. Easycom expresses gratitude and acknowledgement to the college students who participated in the internship and completed it last July 2021, as well as to the new graduating IT students who will apply for an internship with Easycom in the incoming semester. Lastly, during Mr. Sugitani’s address, he also shared some insights on the status of Covid-19 in his home country, Japan. 

At the end of the program, Easycom was presented with the Industry Partner Award given by Urdaneta City University. The company expresses its eagerness with a positive mindset that the University and Easycom can work collaboratively to provide more opportunities for the graduating students.


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